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Therapeutically Led Care (TLC) fostering provides all the benefits of regular foster care, and additional therapy for young people, who have suffered abuse, trauma and poor attachment.

These young people may come into our care with behavioural and developmental challenges due to their treatment and supporting them therapeutically is crucial for their recovery. Our TLC service is extremely effective, giving our Foster Carers extensive and ongoing training and support in order to change the life of a traumatised young person.

The work is demanding, but with our wraparound support adapted to individual needs, you’ll find the rewards are endless and the outcomes incredible!

You can have a positive impact, on the lives of young people, by caring for them through our Therapeutically Led Care programme whilst receiving an enhanced allowance, additional and ongoing support from our therapeutically qualified management team, extensive training, weekly reflective practice meetings and a dedicated Individual Worker.



“If anyone is considering becoming a TLC carer with Blue Sky, I would say ‘go for it’! It can be challenging, there’s no denying that, but the support of the team is fantastic.”

Debbie, TLC Foster Carer

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